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Jack Davies Video & Film Production Oxford

Jack Davies Film Production

Video Editing and Producing is my passion and what I love to do in my free time. After recent purchasing of professional industry video editing software, I have upped my game and created more professional film production. I have recently done film production for my school, making promotion video for the ‘Pi in the Sky’ project as well as my National Citien Service (NCS) graduation video.

YouTube Videos

As well as creating videos for corporate and client projects, I also have a YouTube channel for experimentation with personal projects, trying out different video styles.

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My Work

Here are some of the videos I have produced and edited for different causes and purposes. More of my video productions can be found here.

Pi in the Sky

UTC Oxfordshire

On Tuesday 2nd May, students launched a Raspberry Pi computer 35,000 meters into the stratosphere as part of an Employer-Led project at UTC Oxfordshire, set by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

I filmed, edited and produced this video for UTC Oxfordshire as part of the project promoting the team sending the balloon into the stratosphere. The video mostly shows the events of the launch day, but also start with explaining the project and its different parts.

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