Jack Davies


Jack Davies

Hello, I’m Jack Davies, a YouTuber with many ideas I want to put into a digital representation, through video, photography and graphic design. I have a passion for creating and editing videos on lots of different things.

After creating quite a few videos by now, I have been uploading them to my YouTube Account, and after having an empty domain (jack-davies.co.uk) I decided to create my own website to make an online portfolio of my work in videos, graphic design and other related projects. The portfolio shows all the work that I have worked on in different creative fields showing how my involvement began and the processes used to complete the project.





In June 2016, I took my GCSE exams at Our Lady’s Abingdon. I took about 25 exams to gain 11 GCSEs. In August I achieved 7 A’s (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Product Design, Geography, English Literature and Religious Studies) and 4 B’s (Further Maths, Biology, History and English language). I’m very happy with these results and glad they show my interest in Maths, Physics and Product Design.

Duke of Edinburgh

At Our Lady’s Abingdon, I achieved both my Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards. To complete Silver, I completed a 3-day expedition in Exmoor as well as 6 months Volunteering, Physical and Skills. For my volunteering section, I volunteered at my local Cub Scout group, which I still continue to do so every week, and have now been awarded a Young Leader position. For the skills section, I continued Piano lessons which I had already been doing.

Young Enterprise

In year 10, I participated in the Young Enterprise Scheme, setting up a company with peers and selling products at trade fairs to make money. Our company was called “Jot It.”, and we sold chalkboards made from MDF we bought and painted with chalkboard paint. The company was very successful, making a nice profit shared between our shareholders and ourselves. During the scheme I attended Trade Fairs and production days, as well as keeping social media up-to-date, creating a website and making videos and editing them.

UTC Oxfordshire

From September 2016 to June 2018, I attended UTC Oxfordshire in Didcot where I took A-Levels in Physics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and an AS Level in Computer Science. I also took an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification), for which I wrote a dissertation titled “Does Google Know Too Much About Us?” by Jack Davies. My dissertation was awarded an A grade. UTC was a really good and positive experience allowing me to develop my knowledge of my favourite subjects as well as encouraging me into creative fields.

At UTC Oxfordshire, students participate in employer-led projects where pupils participate in projects (often in engineering) set by employers and partners of the college. During these projects, I utilised my skills in creative areas such as design and video. For one project, the MINI project, we had to design an electric MINI concept car. My team won this project and had a VIP tour of the MINI Plant in Oxford.


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Everywhere I go, whoever with, I will be the person taking pictures of what is going on around me, whether it be on my phone or using my camera. I love trying to capture ‘the moment’, but I also love being in it, and being able to be in it again and again. When going on holiday, I try to record as much as possible and then edit after a create a ‘film’ of my family holiday. In recent years, I’ve started to put more thought into the video I’m taking and editing, thinking ahead of what footage I might want. Can I take a transition shot? Could this clip be taken from different angles? I’m no expert in video and filming, but I enjoy doing it as a hobby, and as a bit of a perfectionist, I want anything I do to be the best I can do.

I have started to gain quite a bit of experience in video editing recently. My dad is a web designer and I have helped him to create a couple of videos for him for work before. From school, I have used my skills to create social media pages and graphics as well as videos for my National Citizen Service and Young Enterprise Scheme.

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