Miss Ridley's Flower Co.

A mock company I made up to create a branding and style guide – designing logos and the brand for the company.

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Jack Davies

My own brand creation and design for logos, styles, colours and typography – including web design

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Branding Experience

Branding is the way a project or company is shown to the public and is a very important part of marketing. With an eye for design and good photoshop design skills, I have created several brand designs for different purposes. For the following projects, I have created a brand for each consisting of their logo and style.

Marketing & Branding Qualifications

Google Marketing Fundamentals

Recently, I have participated in an online course to obtain ‘The Online Marketing Fundaments’ Certificate from Google. The certificate shows that I have participated and been tested 23 topics, from 89 lessons. The course focuses on marketing for small businesses, and has large sections of social media and reaching new customers.

Branding and Style Guides
Jack Davies
Recently, I have rebranded my social media accounts, my website and YouTube channel with a completely new style. To be able to keep to this style and gather all my ideas, I created a branding and style guide. The guide outlines the Logo design, Typography to use, Colour scheme and some design demos.


Miss Ridley’s Flower Co.

Miss Ridley’s Flower Co. is a mock company I made up to create a branding and style guide. From a brief I created for the flower shop, I started designing logos and the brand for the company.

The following images show snapshots from the document. Branding is the face of any business and so this document outlines the look and feel of the company. Splitting the document into sections it describes and guides on the following;

  • Company Identity
  • Typography and Colours
  • Image Styling
  • Backgrounds and Graphics
  • Design examples


Pi in the Sky

Pi in the Sky was a project I was involved in were I focused on the communication of the project – marketing and branding the project to the public. On Tuesday 2nd May 2017, students from UTC Oxfordshire launched a weather balloon 35km into the stratosphere with a Raspberry Pi on it, this was Pi in the Sky.


In order to promote the project we firstly needed a brand. I create several logo ideas which were put forward and then decided on to be the logo for the project. The logo contains a weather balloon cartoon image to represent the project’s purpose to tie together the brand and what the project is about.


For the project, I created Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media pages to promote the project the public. The Twitter account received a retweet from The Raspberry Pi Foundation, which shared the tweet to all their 350K followers.

To find out more information about the project, I created a web page to represent the project and display more information for visitors about the different areas of the project. The web page is modern with parallax effects and large images. View the webpage here, Pi in the Sky | UTC Oxfordshire.

To conclude the project, I created a video showing the work over the month leading up to the launch and the launch itself. Since the project, the video has been viewed over 500 times and is used to promote UTC Oxfordshire at open events and online.