Creating an Electric Mini for BMW Competition at UTC Oxfordshire

Tuesday November 28, 2017

Creating an Electric Mini for BMW Competition at UTC Oxfordshire

Tue 28 Nov, 2017

With electric cars on the rise, from Teslas to Nissan Leaf’s, BMW want a share of the eco-friendly electric car market. As a partner of UTC Oxfordshire, BMW sought the advice and ideas of students from the college, myself being one of which. UTC Oxfordshire sets employer-led projects on a bi-termly basis where students spend 2 hours a week to work on the projects set by partners and employers linked to the school.
BMW Mini set a project to the Year 13 students to create a concept for an electric Mini. In teams of three, we worked on the project, looking at battery technology; network integration; motors and the cost and feasibility for the electric Mini.

A4 Information Poster

After several weeks of research, my team produced a double-sided A4 sheet of paper displaying our core ideas in a creative manner. I designed the poster to be eye-catching, yet informative – see below.


Electric Mini Concept Presentation

Our posters were used to show our ideas a week before we gave a presentation explaining the concepts at a greater level of detail. The presentation was also designed by myself, consisting of large images. With little text the presentation was presented mostly by speech.

After presenting to a small panel of a couple of employees and apprentices at BMW, my team went through to the next round, the same presentation, but in front of a larger panel of BMW staff. My team won this round and the project for our year group.

VIP Tour of Oxford Mini Plant

As a reward for winning the project and coming up with the best electric Mini BMW concept car, we had a VIP tour around the BMW Mini Plant in Oxford. We view the whole production line, from the individual screws holding the car together to the Mini being driving off at the end of the line. The tour concluded with the testing centre, where we saw all the scientific experiments done on the cars to check their suitability and quality consistency – which included a couple of laps at top speed around their test track. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and was amazed by the statistic that nearly every single Mini that comes of the line is unique and different.

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