Geneva, My First Time Abroad, a Trip to Switzerland

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I had never been abroad before, but in March 2017 I went to Geneva and out of the country for the first time on a school Physics trip. We went for the weekend and visited CERN, the world’s largest hadron collider, The Geneva Motorshow, and the city centre.

Day 1: Getting to Geneva

After waking up early in the morning, my parents dropped me off at UTC Oxfordshire where we departed on a coach to Heathrow AirPort, London. With a suitcase and a carry on bag I had no idea what I was doing, this was my first time in an airport. Thankfully my teachers and friends guided me through security and then onto the plane. The flight wasn’t too long and took us around 2 hours. During the outward flight, I managed to get a window seat which completely blew my mind – it was incredible!

Once we had our bumpy landing, we made our way out of the Geneva AirPort and onto a tramp to the Youth Hostel we were staying in. After we dumped our bags and luggage we headed out for dinner at a local Italian Chicken place.

Day 2: Visiting CERN

On Saturday morning we woke up early, got dressed and headed out on a tramp to the outside of Geneva to CERN. CERN is the largest hadron collider and is famous for the experiments done there. We had a tour around some of the main facilities and fortunately during our visit the collider was having maintenance done on a section, so we were able to effectively go into the collider and see the inside.

During the afternoon we had free time to wander around Geneva and explore. My friends and I had a look around the shops, visited the ‘Jet d’Eau’ – The Geneva Water Fountain and bought some ice cream. For dinner, we order some Domino’s to eat. We then went out during the evening and walked around Lake Geneva in the dark.

Day 3: The Geneva Motorshow

Sunday was the day we spent several years going around The Geneva Motorshow. With thousands of people attending, car companies were showing off their new models and concept cars. During the Motorshow, we were given the task from our teachers to take the most ‘silly’ photo we could with the cars.

We had the afternoon free again and went out to Geneva Lake and went in some of the boats back and forth across the Lake. We then went back into the city centre for another wander around. In the evening we visited a local Italian Pizza restaurant and had the most delicious pizzas I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.

Geneva Video

During the visit to Geneva, I tried to capture as much of it as possible. I must have taken several hours of footage, and condensed it down to just under 8 minutes of film. The video was my first video using the Apple Pro App suite with Final Cut Pro and Motion. I learnt lots of new skills for editing during the project and produced a movie for the trip. I uploaded the completed video to my YouTube channel and the video was shown in a school assembly too.

The film includes two soundtracks – Stay and Hostage – which I had to contact the record labels and ask for permission to use in the video.

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