My NCS Journey – National Citizen Service

Sat 5 Nov, 2016

My NCS Journey – National Citizen Service

Sat 5 Nov, 2016

#Yes To Kindness

As part of our NCS we created an awareness campaign. The campaign involved encouraging people to do an act of kindness to someone else and then write the word ‘yes’ onto their hands and post a picture online. This could be hard to explain in writing, and if seen online many people may ignore it and continue scrolling. To avoid this we created a video, as more people will probably see it and click on it and absorb the information better.

The video created uses an instrumental backing track, and other clips showing what the speakers talk about (ie. when they talk about writing on your hand, there is a clip of someone writing on their hand). There are also text overlays to emphaise the key points of the video.

VIVO Charity Bike Ride

My NCS group held a sponsored bike ride, cycling 35 miles for charity, from Didcot to Oxford and back again. During the journey, I took videos of parts of the ride and then put together a video after. The video contains a sound track (Closer by Lemaitre) which video clips are synced too. Special effects such as reverse, slow motion and time lapsed were applied to make the video more engaging and retain the interest of the video throughout.

A Journey Through NCS…

As our NCS journey was coming to an end, I created a short 1:30 minutes to show all our work. The video contained a clip from throughout our whole NCS journey from our residential, to talks, to social action. A backing track has been used, with videos synced to beats to add more of a ‘flow’ to a video with audio and video joining together. Many effects were used to make the video more engaging, with negative colour switches, slow motion, video-over-video overlay, and fast image changing. The video was very positively commented on, and is now featured on my college’s website ( ).

The main purpose of the video was for the end of our graduation presentation, to summarise all we had done. It was also useful for social media too, to tell all those who had supported us all the work we had done and how we had enjoyed the NCS experience.

NCS Graduation


To complete our NCS programme, our group had to attend a graduation which we presented at. The presentation was design and created by myself, and then presented by myself and 3 other team members. The presentation contained the basics in the way of text. The text was used to empties and show what we were talking about, as we would present talking in more detail. This was to prevent it from being a ‘boring’ reading off the screen presentation. The majority of the presentation was made of images showing activity, and clips from all the videos previously. There were a variety of animations, looking professional, and using a recurring theme. For example the calendar view throughout and the NCS cycle. This meant it was more engaging for the audience, and easier for them to follow. The presentation was a huge successful despite several minor mistakes!


During the presentation a camera was set up on a tripod to record us. I then used this footage and the presentation to create a video from the event. The projector on the day was broken and didn’t display well on screen, so I used a video overlay to show the presentation. When videos are played, they are displayed fullscreen too. The video allowed for those unable to attend see the presentation and for us to be able to look back and show other people.

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