VIVO – A journey through NCS…

Oct 28, 2016

VIVO – A journey through NCS…

NCS Oxfordshire

As our NCS journey was coming to an end, I created a short 1:30 minutes to show all our work. The video contained clip from throughout our whole NCS journey from our residential, to talks, to social action. A backing track has been used, with videos synced to beats to add more of a ‘flow’ to a video with audio and video joining together. Many effects were used to make the video more engaging, with negative colour switches, slow motion, video-over-video overlay, and fast image changing. The video was very positively commented on, and is now featured on my college’s website ( ).

The main purpose of the video was for the end of our graduation presentation, to summarise all we had done. It was also useful for social media too, to tell all those who had supported us all the work we had done and how we had enjoyed the NCS experience.


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